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Energy Management

Infinity Mechanical performs comprehensive energy audits which help their clients achieve considerable savings through energy efficiency. These assessments identify initiatives such as retrofitting lights, reconfiguring compressed-air systems, optimizing Boilers and chillers, and co-generating electricity, all of which yield greater energy efficiency and conservation, not to mention cost savings. 


Applications Expertise

  • HVAC Controls

  • Building Systems

  • Energy Management Systems

  • Central Plants

  • District Heating & Cooling

  • Industrial Process Loads


Infinity Mechanical works closely with you to find the energy systems that can most benefit in efficient energy. in light of your ever changing schedules. As buildings age and their energy use changes over time, Infinity ensures your equipment works the way it was designed to do. Infinity implements simple changes in operation and maintenance scheduling, along with advising re-designing use of/or upgrades to equipment.

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